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Student Tutorial

The Algobattle tutorial goes over everything needed to understand how the package works and the most common ways to use it. It's aimed at students participating in a course and course instructors that want to learn how to work with the framework.

The tutorial pages build on each other and are best read in sequence. It assumes almost no prerequisite knowledge of specific topics, but an understanding of basic theoretical computer science ideas like algorithmic problems and of the Python language will make things a lot easier.

Quick overview

If you're dying to get started coding then the full tutorial might be a bit long for you. Here's all the steps you need to get going, each also linking to corresponding part of the in depth tutorial.

  1. Install everything we need

  2. Download the problem spec file your course instructors gave you

  3. Run algobattle init --problem path/to/spec.algo --language someLanguage with the first parameter being the file you just downloaded and the second being the programming language you want to use

  4. Write your programs

  5. Run algobattle run and watch your programs battle against each other